Prayer Requests

Here are the prayer requests for this week:


The prayer chain is available by texting me.


  • Please pray for the unspoken requests of our folks.

  • Pray for the pastors: Thorsteinn, Odinn, pastor Chris and his ministeries, and the Icelandic Christians. Pray for them as they plan and execute God's vision for reaching Iceland for Christ.

  • Pray for Ágúst as he travels and for his family as they transition into the new ministry in Tennesee. Ágúst also requested prayer for Aron's dad, Heinrich, who is a missionary in Burkina Faso.

  • Pray for Gunnar and Logan and their families in Iceland.

  • Pray for our friends in Romania, Pastor Atilla, Chaubo, and for Michael.

  • Pray for Ryan and for the CrossPoint staff.

  • Pray for Tait, Clay, and Lauren serving in Student Ministry

  • Pray for Tony to have discernment with his family.

  • Please keep my dad and Nicholas' dad in your prayers.

  • Continue to pray for Barry, Coach's cousin in Dothan. 

  • Devin requested prayer for her grandmother.

  • Jeremy requested prayer for Jerimiah and Carrie. Mandy asked us to pray for a diagnosis for her dad's condition.

  • Darren and Dexter's family as they lay their father to rest. 

  • Please keep Jesse and Rick in prayer as they settle into Boston and make decisions about a home and Rick's employment. 

  • Pray for Doug and Ann serving in Turkey. Pray for Doug as he moves between Turkey and Iran. 

  • Lizzy requested prayer for a friend whose grandmother passed away.

  • Jessica requested prayer for her friend Teresa.

  • Keep Mary in prayer as she works a new job in California and for Josh in Arkansas. Pray they find a church home.

  • Pray for the Thomas family from Asia. They are home on furlough. They will be traveling, securing support, and visiting friends and family.

  • Pray for Pastor Zhou, for Brother Ken in Asia, and for the seminary students now under stiff gov't regulations and surveillance. Pray for those jailed or under house arrest.

  • Pray for Pastor Manouche in Aurangabad India.

  • This week, CrossPoint is praying for Lance Whorton as our Kingdom Partner.

  • Pray for our military and their families. Pray for protection and continued grace. Pray for those deployed or at home, for Kevin Tate, Trent Gilmer, Josh Andrews, Jessica Johnson, Mel Mather, Romeo, and others...

  • Pray for Connie as she deals with nerve pain of peripheral neuropathy and it's many symptoms, and for me as I care for her.

  • Pray for our country. Pray God's will is accomplished. Pray for our leaders.

  • Pray for Matt Waldrop and family. Pray for Steven Castello, their potential new home, the family, and the church plant in Boston.


    Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.



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